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- How can you be so happy? - Again and again I ask Matt. - I do not know! I ask myself the same question. When the young left the dining room, Madame Poussin, smiling, keeping an eye on them. Her look was good-natured and indulgent, perhaps, a little nostalgic. She has always considered herself a very shy. But when Matt began to undress her, she thought it was completely natural. He did it slowly, slowly, and when shooting off his clothes, Zhu helped him. Every movement was accompanied by Matt affection. When the tender body was completely naked favorite, Matt carried her to the bed. Barely touching the tongue with a soft skin, he covered her face with kisses - fluttering eyelids, cheeks, well-defined sensual lips. Hands Matt were loving, gentle, but they have been, and some magical power, with whom Zu breathless. Every cell in your body, she felt that he was her boundless love. Fingers Matt passed his love is as expressive as the words that he whispered. And when all the joys of foreplay love have been tested in full, and a foretaste of what is yet to happen between them, reached its extreme limit, Matt attracted beloved even closer ... and absolutely incredibly close.
From the vicinity of his body, from his caresses and heat Zou felt infinitely sweet sense of ecstasy. Matt was gentle touch and fired; Zou first ascended like somewhere, then all leaned forward. As if struck by lightning tore it to pieces, and then the storm of passion thrown into a completely unknown previously sensual pleasures. The rhythm of her heart quickens, breathing became ragged. She could not utter a word, even the name of Matt. All tested Zoo before, all previously unexplored delights can not be compared with what is happening now. The new sensation for her, happy to quench their thirst generated close to Matt, improbable rise to the top of the passion engulfed her. Then, in the wake of satisfaction came to rest, it is also a never known. It took a long time, but their bodies and remain closely intertwined, and the girl's hands found safe haven in strong hands Matt. God of sleep did not come to him today, knowing that they are now completely surrendered to God's power of love. Zu jumped out of bed and went to the window. Elbows on the sill and still feeling like it's immersed in the bliss of a fabulous, she looked up at the huge moon - a symbol of permanence. All the excitement subsided, fears dissipated. She had no doubt now love Matt. This night gave her a feeling of bliss and peace. Zou could not hold back the tears. They sparkled on her lashes, sparkling like diamonds. Because of them, the moon suddenly looked like a shiny ball and took some new look. As new ideas began to take shape, and Zu.
All that had to endure over the past five years, she had selfishly assessed, taking into account only their feelings. The true essence of love did not understand very clearly. And love is so versatile. Zou was right in believing that love - this constancy, warmth and care. Yes, indeed, it is important in the relationship with your beloved. But she did not understand then that love - it is also a burning passion that is sometimes very difficult to contain. Love flashes like a bright meteor, and to this we must add a little craziness inherent in the moon, and another huge abyss magic magic emanating from the ground. - Stop looking at the moon and come quickly to me - gently called Matt. - You need to sleep. - I can not sleep - Zou said, horrified at the thought that sleep can deprive her of such happiness! - Come to me. - The voice of a loved one was full of passion. - To sleep with you, we will be sometime later. [1] Pun: miss Fortune - Miss Forchn and misfortune - misery (Eng.). No sex, без порно и секс картинок, проститутки и ххх отсутствуют.

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